Oluchi a widow and mother of two was diagnosed and treated for HIV along with her 2-year-old son.

WEWE-LOPIN 2 team in Port Harcourt enrolled Oluchi and her two children into the program and carried out HIV testing on the family. Oluchi and her son tested positive to HIV which led the team to immediately escort them to a health center. At the center, the health care workers on hearing that the son had full blown AIDs refused to treat Oluchi and her son, they said “Send them away, no need to treat them as they are going to die anyway”. WEWE-LOPIN 2 staff had to find another health facility where they were further tested and treated. Oluchi and her son are now healthy and are going about their normal activities.

LOPIN-2 team also empowered Oluchi with capital to start up a petty trade. She currently buys 3 basins of garri which she sells off in a week and makes a profit of NGN 3000 ($9.8). She also trades on dry fish.

How did this all happen? Oluchi (name changed to protect identity) is a 39-year-old widow from Eliozo community in Obi- Akpo L.G.A. Rivers State, her predicament started when she lost her husband a few years back after losing her first son to an infection from an immunization injection. She had also lost a second child (female) whom she conceived before the death of her husband. Left with only one female child after her husband’s death, her late husband’s brothers sent her away from her marriage home as they claimed she didn’t have any male children and they confiscated her late husband’s properties and labeled her a witch with an accusation of killing her husband and children.

Due to the stigmatization and inheritance issues of being a widow without a male child, Oluchi was under pressure to have one, therefore she went looking for a boyfriend to conceived a son. Eventually, Oluchi conceived a son whom she named Victory. During her pregnancy, she had fallen very ill and after birth, her son also fell critically ill to the point of death.

Oluchi is thankful to God and WEWE LOPIN 2 for their support in saving the life of her son and also empowering her such that she can provide for her family and re-enroll her daughter back to school.