Past Projects

Children of Hope (CH) Project:

This was a project of $2,040,647 funded by USAID Washington DC with European Cooperative for Rural Development (EUCORD) – Brussels as Sub-grantor to WEWE implemented from 2008-2012 in Imo, Ebonyi, Enugu, Oyo, Abia and FCT. The project focus was to conduct a grant management program and provide sub-grants of $100,000 to $150,000 per annum to 10 local CBO/FBOs in 6 states. The sub – grants were provided to 10 CBOs &FBOs to reach 11,055 OVC (5,466 males 5,589 female) and 2500 and 11,626 individuals (4974 males, 6652 female) with HIV – ABC prevention minimum strategies – reached 1958 individuals with long lasting insecticide treated nets.


FHI 360 Malaria Action Program for States

This was a one year USAID-funded project implemented by WEWE in partnership with FH360 to provide support malaria treatment and reduce the incidence of malaria among 1000 vulnerable pregnant women and children under 5 years old by 80% in 20 wards across 5 LGAs in Oyo State from Aug 2014-Jan 2015.

CBOs – Clinic Collaboration Program

The project was a 3 years project (2011-2013) funded by Paediatric AIDS Treatment for Africa (PATA) aimed at promoting, facilitating and strengthening collaboration between paediatric HIV clinics and community-based organisations (CBOs) for improved access to high-quality holistic care for HIV-infected children, their families and communities in Abia and Imo States. The project sum was N1, 200,000.00.